Grizzly Flats and Charcoal Grade – The Devil’s Tramping Ground

Aviator Brewing Company's Devil's Tramping Ground

Aviator Brewing Company’s Devil’s Tramping Ground

Devil’s Tramping Ground Tripel by Aviator Brewing Company. A hell of a beer (get it) to have along for a mountain bike ride up Charcoal Grade in Steven’s Creek County Park. Turning the ride into a loop through Long Ridge Open Space Preserve and back down Grizzly Flats Rd was the right thing to do.

By the taste of this beer, I never would have guessed that it’s 9.2%, but by the time you finish, there’s no doubt that Devil’s Tramping Ground will quickly get you into a delicious world of trouble. I’d describe it as kind of light, a bit sweet, with a surprising spicy, fruity quality. One of the more refreshing tripels I’ve had, which is great for outdoor activities.

As for the ride, it was a lot of fun with good views and changing terrain, but not very technically difficult. There were definitely some strenuous parts though – Charcoal Grade is so steep that bikes are not allowed to ride in the downhill direction. I went at the beginning of April, which provided some gorgeous wildflowers. The route I chose was about 12 miles (I started at Steven’s Canyon Rd). Check out Bay Area Mountain Bike Rides for a great overview of most of the ride with various maps to peruse in case you’d like to give it a try too –

Check out the wildflowers. Mostly Lupine and Fillaree:

Charcoal Grade is so steep that only uphill traffic is allowed:


Gorgeous views with rolling hills once you get close to Skyline:


Don’t worry, there are some wooded single track areas too:



Not quite a lifetime achievement ride, but definitely worth doing if you have the time.

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