Mountainbeering: [moun-tn-beer-ing]

The sport of engaging in an outdoor activity accompanied with a select beverage of choice, namely beer.

Mountainbeering encourages the appreciation of the simpler things in life.  Practiced by anyone with a thirst for both adventure and, well, beer.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ahhhh! Nice record of your trips. And the schtick of “beering” is quite cool!
    I’m sure this is not a complete list but being able to visit:
    Mexico, Tibet, Las Vegas, South Korea, Vail & Durango, CO, Bolivia, Thailand, and
    Ireland etc. takes a nice financial plan to execute.
    Be great if more people could afford these wonderful kinds of trips.

    Your choices to get out of mainstream job frenzies in the US were awesome and completely founded in intelligence. Good job guy(s)! More power to youse guys and happy beering around the planet! Because you can!

    1. Hey Tony!
      Thanks for the comment. Since leaving the “mainstream” we’ve actually been working in many of these places to earn enough money for the next adventure. Additionally, some of the stories are from friends of ours who have taken trips. Feel free to send us a Mountainbeering adventure of your own, we’d love to post it!! Cheers!

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