Beer and Gear Deals

A collection of sites that we’ve found useful over the years, but we’re always looking for more if you have any suggestions.

Find great discounts on gear:

  • The Clymb – My favorite. A constantly rotating selection of great outdoor gear at deeply discounted prices, up to 80% off. Hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping, yoga, white water… everything. It’s a members only site, and it’s also free. You’ll have to sign up through the invite, but it’s totally worth your time. I have personally bought quite a few things from this site.
  • Steep and Cheap – One killer deal at a time, around 35 – 85% off. The deals are for a limited time, and they switch throughout the day. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time. Although the inventory is limited, a wide variety of outdoor gear will pop up.
  • Chainlove – Same idea as Steep and Cheap, but bike specific gear, parts and accessories.
  • Sierra Trading Post – Great brands, great prices, wide variety. 35 – 70% off. Check out the “Bargain Barn” for best deals. Also, if you sign up through this invite link, you get $10 added to your account to spend on whatever you’d like. If you buy something from the site, then I get $10 back. I love rewards programs like this.
  • – A huge selection of goods and gear at consistently good prices. If you’re lucky, you can find some good sales.
  • – Think of it as Backcountry’s outlet store. Limited selection, but awesome prices.
  • REI and REI Outlet – Perhaps the premiere outdoor gear store in the world. A wonderful place to go to in person and actually see all of the gear, but if you know what you want, the website is easy to navigate, and deals are easy to find. REI’s customer service and return policies are top notch.
  • – A little more camping focused, but lots of heavier duty outdoor gear as well. I like to check out their “hot deals” and clearance items. It’s possible to get some great stuff for around 50% off.
  • The Cheap Outdoors – A conglomerate of coupons, deals and clearance items from all over the web. This place searches and organizes deals from many of the sites on this list. I still like going to individual store sites, but this can provide a quick overview of great deals.

Don’t forget about the Beer!

  • Northern Brewer – All things homebrew. Ingredients, kits, equipment, lessons, forums. Minneapolis based, Northern brewer offers some of the largest homebrewing selections. I usually check this site with one or two others to compare prices though.
  • Midwest Supplies – Similar but different from Northern Brewer. I usually look through both sites for deals and selections before making a final decision. Oddly enough, also based in Minneapolis.
  • MoreBeer – Another large homebrewing shop. One difference is that they offer free shipping on orders of $59 or more. Depending on what your ordering, this can really make a difference. Based out of Concord, CA. Sometimes I base my decision on where the materials are coming from.
  • Mr. Beer – Ha ha, just kidding. Don’t go here.

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