The Snowman

Introducing the official mascot of Mountainbeering: The Snowman!

Don't worry, we're doing our best to introduce the snowman to better beers.

Don’t worry, we’re doing our best to introduce the snowman to better beers.

The Snowman is symbolic of many things that us Mountainbeer-ers hold dear. First, take the simplicity of The Snowman, nothing more than some shaped snow and some accessories to create a true friend. Much like Mountainbeering, all you need is a thirst for adventure and a delicious beverage to quench said thirst…doesn’t get much more simple than that!

Additionally, The Snowman will never talk back and will (if you choose) always have a smile on it’s face. The perfect companion for those times you simply want to take in the scenery and enjoy a beer in peace.

We encourage Mountainbeer-ers to send in their best shots of The Snowman they create on their adventures. Now we understand that many adventures many not involve snow, but we challenge you guys to get creative. We’ve noticed that Mountainbeer-ers definitely don’t lack in the quirky and creative departments, which is what makes you guys great! For more pictures go here.

Luke and Patrick took the above picture on their first hike together, ever! Call it fate (or a drinking problem) that they stumbled upon a can of beer in one of their friend’s bags at the top of the hike. The Snowman happened to be there to witness the first of many Mountainbeering adventures that would and will continue to come in the future!

(no Snowmen were harmed in the making of this blog)


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