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About Mountainbeering

Mountainbeering: [moun-tn-beer-ing] –noun 1) Adding a little adventure to your every day beer drinking. 2) The sport of engaging in an outdoor activity accompanied with a select beverage of choice, namely beer. Mountainbeering encourages the appreciation of the simpler things in life. Practiced by anyone with a thirst for both adventure and, well, beer. Enjoy life. Cheers!

Burma, Cucumbers and Beers, oh my!

Last month I met up with 5 friends in Myanmar for 2 weeks of backpacking, exploring, hiking, bike riding and merriment. The country was INCREDIBLE. The people were some of the most friendly I’ve ever encountered and the food was really … Continue reading

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SF Beer Week is almost here!

Another glorious SF Beer Week is quickly descending upon us, and is offering more events than ever. With several hundred events to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what to do. However, if you are a true … Continue reading

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Lake-Volcano-Lake-Vocano-Island Mountainbeering…or something like that?

A post from some good friends doing some Volcano-beering in The Philippines! The Background: Devin recently finished his teaching contract in South Korea and set off for an adventurous tour of Southeast Asia, but first stopping in the Philippines to … Continue reading

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The Great Wall gets Mountainbeer-ed AGAIN!

On their trip to China, our friends paid homage to Mountainbeering by getting some in at The Great Wall! Thanks ladies for the love, you’re awesome!! You can see the other Great Wall post, here! Cheers!

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Mountainbeering does Taiwan!

Our friends Teagle and Alisa took a recent trip to Taiwan. they had nothing but great things to say about the place and even found time to get in some Mountainbeering!! Here is what they came back with!! Taipei 101 … Continue reading

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SCUBA Steve Enjoys Some Time ABOVE Sea Level!

During a trip to The Philippines a few months back, I became good friends with my SCUBA diving instructor. While our time below water was in silence…except for his hand signals telling me to pay attention…our time above the surface … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of Ethan Continue

Our good buddy, Ethan has been on a world walkabout since his departure from South Korea. He gave us some Mountainbeering shots from New Zealand a while back (go here) and has since made his way to South America. Here … Continue reading

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Random Mountainbeering Siting!

A few months back, a few of us charged up to the top of Pohang, South Korea for a nice view, some pizza, and an inappropriate amount of beers. I just found this picture in the archives and figured it … Continue reading

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Chocolate-beering: here you have it…

On a recent trip to The Philippines with some friends I only had two goals: 1. Get SCUBA- certified. and 2. Check The Philippines off the Mountainbeering Map! I am happy to report that both were accomplished with great success!! … Continue reading

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Mountainbeering: It should be on everybody’s bucket-list!

Bucket-lists. Many people have them. Personally, I tend to be more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of guy, but I respect the idea that people have goals and a way to motivate themselves to achieve them. I mean, if it worked for … Continue reading

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