Durango, a Mountainbeering Paradise

Snowshoeing on Molas Pass with Engineering Mountain in the Background

Snowshoeing on Molas Pass with Engineer Mountain in the Background

Durango, Colorado. If you’re into snow sports, cycling, mountain biking, bouldering, rock climbing or any other type of outdoor activity, Durango is worth a visit.

I stopped by Durango in March 2011 to visit my friends Tabs and L-Train, a couple of awesome girls that I met while leading cycling tours in Alaska. Durango had never been on my list of “Kick Ass Places That I Need To Visit” before this excursion, but since it was only a short detour, I decided to stop by.

Totally worth it! I got to try snowboarding for the first time (slightly painful and embarrassing, but tons of fun), We went on  cycling and bouldering adventures, and we snowshoed at Molas Pass (at around 10,000 feet). We made sure to bring along some local brews for this last adventure:



Thank you Boulder Beer for the delicious Singletrack Copper Ale. Boulder Beer has claims to being the first microbrewery in Colorado. Luckily, since Singletrack is only 4.9% ABV, I was able to hold my own while drinking above 10,000 feet.

And cheers to Steel Toe Stout from Ska Brewing Company. I very much enjoyed this beer. As strange as it sounds, pairing the stout with a banana was pure heaven after the hike. We even made a stop at Ska Brewery later that week:




Another good adventure with good friends and good beer.


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