Mountainbeering does Taiwan!

Our friends Teagle and Alisa took a recent trip to Taiwan. they had nothing but great things to say about the place and even found time to get in some Mountainbeering!!

Here is what they came back with!! Taipei 101 and Taiwan National (beer):

“Elephant Mountain (象山) is the most famous of the “Four Beasts Mountains (四獸山)” of Taipei, Taiwan and the most to get to. It is great for sunsets and sunrises. Also has an amazing view of Taipei 101 (worlds second largest building.)”

Teagle, Alisa and their friend Taipei 101!

Nothing says “good view” like a cold beer!

Kickin’ it at the top!

They also made another Mountainbeering stop along the way:

“Wulai (烏來) is a small town in Taipei County, Taiwan, famous for its hot springs and aboriginal culture. I’s about 40 minutes from the city. The mountains name is Atayal. It also has a lovely waterfall. The beer is a Taiwan mango and pineapple beer.”

The waterfall!


Thanks again, you two! Looked fun. Keep ’em coming!!



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