Return to Glory! Mountainbeering by Bike – SF Bay Area

I have been woefully negligent in my updates to Mountainbeering, but I have continued having beer-filled adventures nonetheless! (What a great word. It’s like three smaller words were tired of being picked on, so they banded together to become a linguistical super power.)

Earlier this summer, I had a traumatic experience at work that resulted in me rupturing a tendon in my calf (OK, I was playing tag with a bunch of 5th graders, but that doesn’t change the end result of me with a broken calf muscle). Notice the presence of a few extra colors along with the distinct lack of muscle definition in my left calf.


But that’s not why you’re here! You want to see some adventures involving a delicious beer at the end. And you shall have them!

To prove to myself that I had finally overcome the majority of my injury, I decided to go on an epic bike ride around the San Francisco Bay Area. Running and jumping were still out of the question, but bike riding was an OK option for rehabilitating my calf.

The Ride

In general, my plan was to ride my trusty Trek from my apartment in Mountain View, CA and spend the next couple of days riding up three of the tallest peaks in 3 of the 9 counties around the SF Bay Area: Mount Davidson in San Francisco County, Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, and Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County.

Day 1: Mountain View to San Francisco, 60 Miles of biking with a stop at Mt. Davidson, 928 ft in elevation, to enjoy a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye. The view was a bit foggy, but the beer made it all worth while. Strong, complex but well balanced, hoppy and unique. I’m not very eloquent when it comes to describing beer, but I sure know a good beer when I taste one, and this was a good beer.

I’m just so good at taking self shots

The rest of the ride was sunny, but the peak was shrouded in fog.

Day 2: San Francisco to Mt Tamalpais (elevation 2, 571 ft) and back, 55 miles by bike plus a ferry trip. What a gorgeous, quaint, adorable ride! The towns of Marin County are about as charming as you can find anywhere in the US. I was lucky enough to have company with this trip as my cousin Tim made the trip over from Oakland on his single speed to tag along. That’s right, he went 55 miles and most of the way up Mt. Tam on a single speed. Talk about earning your beer. We decided to take the long way for this trip and circle around the back side of the mountain to give us a longer, but less steep ride, which didn’t really make much of a difference. I almost bonked at the top, but was saved by a Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA. I partially chose this beer for the nostalgia, as I give it credit for being one of the first beers to get me on the IPA band wagon. Enjoy a few shots from the ride:

View from the top of Mt. Tam

Me and the single speed demon enjoying a well deserved Racer 5 IPA

San Francisco skyline from the ferry

Day 3: Dublin, CA up Mt. Diablo (elevation 3, 864 feet) ending in Walnut Creek, CA, 43 miles and some time spent on the BART. Let me say this, if you live in the Bay Area and enjoy cycling, then you need to go on this ride! Spectacular views the entire way; steady climbs; phenomenal downhill; and cyclists own the road. I saw about 2 bikes for every car while in Mt. Diablo State Park. And even though you’re not technically supposed to have alcohol in the park, I found a way to enjoy a Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale. What a great beer! Deliciously crisp and hoppy without being overly bitter. My favorite of the 3 Bear Republic beers I had on this trip.

Sure, it’s our little secret


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