SCUBA Steve Enjoys Some Time ABOVE Sea Level!

During a trip to The Philippines a few months back, I became good friends with my SCUBA diving instructor. While our time below water was in silence…except for his hand signals telling me to pay attention…our time above the surface was filled with great stories, and loads of beers.

After leaving The Philippines, I was delighted to get a message from SCUBA Steve about a recent Mountainbeering adventure he had done at Mt. Agnung, the highest peak in Bali!!

SCUBA Steve in Bali with a BIngtang beer!!

Thanks, Steve! We appreciate the thought and support!!



About Mountainbeering

Mountainbeering: [moun-tn-beer-ing] –noun 1) Adding a little adventure to your every day beer drinking. 2) The sport of engaging in an outdoor activity accompanied with a select beverage of choice, namely beer. Mountainbeering encourages the appreciation of the simpler things in life. Practiced by anyone with a thirst for both adventure and, well, beer. Enjoy life. Cheers!
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