The Chronicles of Ethan Continue

Our good buddy, Ethan has been on a world walkabout since his departure from South Korea. He gave us some Mountainbeering shots from New Zealand a while back (go here) and has since made his way to South America.

Here he is Mountainbeering on Machu Picchu!!

Hydrating before the hike.

Machu Piccu-beer-ing!

Thanks again, Ethan! Keep ’em coming!

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but summertime is no time to be inside in front of the computer. So get outside, bring a beer and take a picture. We’re expecting a flood of new Mountainbeer-ers come autumn!!



About Mountainbeering

Mountainbeering: [moun-tn-beer-ing] –noun 1) Adding a little adventure to your every day beer drinking. 2) The sport of engaging in an outdoor activity accompanied with a select beverage of choice, namely beer. Mountainbeering encourages the appreciation of the simpler things in life. Practiced by anyone with a thirst for both adventure and, well, beer. Enjoy life. Cheers!
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One Response to The Chronicles of Ethan Continue

  1. The has to go down as one of the more memorable Mountainbeers, to date.

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