Chocolate-beering: here you have it…

On a recent trip to The Philippines with some friends I only had two goals: 1. Get SCUBA- certified. and 2. Check The Philippines off the Mountainbeering Map! I am happy to report that both were accomplished with great success!!

We stayed on the island of Bohol, which is basically famous for two things other than beautiful beaches and great diving: 1. Tarzier monkeys

Kind of reminded me of The Gremlins...

Don't worry, we weren't acting touristy AT ALL...

and 2. The Chocolate Hills, where the real adventure began!

We started our journey in true “Mountainbeer-ers on vacation” fashion, with some beers on the ride over.

Jenny and Em gearing up!

After a quick stop at the monkeys, we set off to The Chocolate Hills! Most of the vegetation covering the hills is protected, so you actually have to take the road most of the way up. However, we crushed the 214 stairs leading up to the summit and had a blast cracking beers and taking in a really cool view.

A seasoned Mountainbeer-er right there.

The 3 of us coming in from South Korea...

The 2 coming in from China...



We spent a bit of time wondering if there was actually chocolate to be found in these here hills. Luckily my buddy Dan works for Hersheys Chocolate

Dan in his office...

and assured us that there was DEFINITELY tons of chocolate inside the hills.

We chose a variety of Filipino beers for the trip...I'm partial to Redhorse however. Not just because it was the strongest beer either 😉

Anyway, it was a great adventure on one helluva trip down to an amazing country! Don’t let anybody tell you The Chocolate Hills are not worth the trip. Grab a beer and go make the trip worthwhile!

and remember that traveling is ALWAYS more fun in bright colors...

Thanks to Em, Dan, Teags, and Jenny for an unforgettable new Mountainbeering adventure!

The Team!



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