Mountainbeering: It should be on everybody’s bucket-list!

Bucket-lists. Many people have them. Personally, I tend to be more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of guy, but I respect the idea that people have goals and a way to motivate themselves to achieve them. I mean, if it worked for Morgan Freeman I’ll give anything a shot.

No doubt he took some beers up those pyramids...

Anyway, there is a fun group out here in Pohang, South Korea, both Koreans and Westerners, that have been checking things off a collaborative list of things to do in our area over the next year or so. One of the checkpoints was to hike up Mt. Naeyeonsan (내연산) at Bogyeongsa Temple. It’s a pretty cool hike, loaded with waterfalls and beautiful terrain. It was actually the site of my first Korean Mountainbeering adventure way back when!!

As expected, this group took to the idea of Mountainbeering with sheer enthusiasm!

Vera and Yully taking charge!

Also, with a solid team of 18, this might be the largest group documented Mountainbeering to date! One for the record books!!

With such a large group, we actually had our lovely friend, Vera, equipped with a mini-megaphone and “Bucket-list” flag (which accidentally jumped into the river at one point) to keep all of us beer-drinking lemmings in line and entertained!

Our fearless (but a bit shy) leader, the unforgettable flag, Eugene, and again Yully with another beer!

Even though 18 strong, a lot of our members were new to Mountainbeering…so I decided to take charge and show them some things:

Let's go...up?

We spent the day hiking around, stopping at some awesome waterfalls, going off trail, jumping around on rocks and eating pre-labelled bananas (seriously):

Everyone's name written in Korean hangul..

Party at the waterfall!

Eugene hanging out at the top of a ridge.

Forrest baited the 3 Korean girls with beers to come on the rocks...he's so sneaky 😉

So they took the beers and pushed him over the edge of the waterfall...

So we sent out a search party to find our friend, Forrest...

buttttttt....we got bored so we went back to the waterfall and partied some more...oh wait, there he is!

So maybe Forrest was never lost, but we did come across our poor flag floating downstream. Flag loss aside, it was a great day spent outdoors! Once again we were not privileged with the option of a truly tasty beer to accompany the tastiness of the terrain, and our company, but alas we made it work…as Mountainbeer-ers do!


Cheers to the whole crew! Congrats to those who are now official Mountainbeer-ers…I hope your life will be changed forever!

The whole team!



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