Live Eel and Catching Some Early Rays…

The weather is slowly starting to turn around here in South Korea, with warm days becoming more frequent. That only means one thing: more chances to get out and explore, preferably with a beer (or two) in hand.

A couple weeks back I set out for Busan, an awesome coastal city to the south, with the lovely Korean girl Yully. We stopped to fuel up with some live eel before taking Yully on her fist Mountainbeering adventure!

No lunch is complete without a bottle of Soju!

I little scary...a lot of deliciousness!

With full stomachs, and a bit of a Soju buzz, we headed to the mountain!

Yully at the trail-head.

We opted to each represent our respective countries with our beer selection…

They look like they're having a good time together...

Them too, I guess.

And in true American fraternity boy fashion, being by the beach means “sun’s out, guns out!”

The beach is the beach.

I thought I was brave taking my shirt off in January…well it turns our Yully is way more badass than I am. She decided to splash around in the water in this little cove we found.

She went all the way out to the end.

Again, being the American I am, I would not let a 90lb Korean girl show me up…

The boats going by were quite surprised.

Anyway, after hiking down to the water and having a couple beers, we hiked back up and over the other side of the mountain. Stopping along the way for a pretty excellent sunset!

ye yeeeahhhh

Awesome day all around. Congrats to Yully for her first official Mountainbeering trek! Definitely not her last, I’m sure!




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