The Game-changer.

Alright, so we apologize for the lack of content over the past couple of months. To be honest, it’s difficult for outdoorsy people like us to force ourselves to sit in front of a computer, especially during the summer when the weather is so nice. That said, late summer into autumn is by far my favorite time to hike around. The weather is beautiful, plants are transforming, the chill in the air keeps your beer that much cooler, and the beers themselves get better as more seasonal brews hit the markets!

Unfortunately, South Korea doesn’t have much of a seasonal brew scene, or a “brew” scene by any means for that matter. However we didn’t let that be a game changer this past weekend.  Myself and 2 friends set out to hike up Gajisan (가지산) this past Saturday.

Gajisan, which we didn't get to see...

However, getting a bit confused with the bus system in a connecting city led to a game-changer sending us on a bus to Busan, SK. When we got to Busan, we fully planned on Mountainbeering up a nearby mountain, but were soon sidetracked by the allure of the beautiful weather and awesome nearby beach!

Tough to pass up with summer winding down...

Annnnnyyywwayyyy…before we decided to become full-fledged beach bums for the day, we figured we had to get in some Mountainbeering. On that note, we bring you the most pathetic, yet super fun Mountainbeering adventure yet.

We stumbled upon this park close to the beach that had a small hike up to a traditional Korean statue and decided to make our way there!

Teagan and Alissa at the trail map!

As you can see we opted for Korea’s most popular beer, Hite, which tastes terrible but is generally one of the only options in most stores. However it provided us with the necessary nourishment for the exasperating hike to come…


Joking aside, it was a pretty cool park. There were all sorts of stops along the way that provided plenty of entertainment (one thing Korea never lacks) that spurred many laughs and stories, which is what true Mountainbeering is all about!

Me, kickin' it with a nearby mermaid!

The hike up to the “summit”:

Feel the burn!

At the top we encountered quite the scenario. There was a huge cub scout troop (didn’t know they had them in South Korea) which immediately lead to lots of “helllloooo”s and frightened looks, especially at Teagan whose size and chest hair are enough to scare any small child!

Teagan monster!!!

Run for your lives, kids!

This scene got us to wondering if we could beat up all 40+ of these children in a fight. Maybe not the best conversation for a trio of dedicated teachers to be having, but we came up with some pretty interesting strategies.

Needless to say, it was an entertaining hike. We hit the summit and had some Mountainbeering fun with the statue:

One for our homie...

The hike down was just as much fun, we encountered a few cool things:

USA plaque, God Bless America.

And of course we’re in Korea, so:

A guy just bathing in the ocean, pretty standard right?

It’s days like this that make me realize that you don’t have to push your limits on the gnarliest of mountains to enjoy what nature has to offer. Sometimes all you need is a couple good friends and a sense of humor to take in a fun day of being outside. After the hike, we proceed to the beach (a pretty automatic setting for the 3 of us all summer) to do some people watching and continue with the “beering” part of Mountainbeering.

At that moment I was a bit sad to see summer coming to and end, but I was glad to spend one of the few remaining beach days with my go-to beach buddies. As dusk began to settle, Alissa pointed out the “hill” we had hiked off in the distance.

crushed it.

As sad as I was to see summer fade, I am getting PUMPED to tackle some real mountains and get back into full Mountainbeering mode!! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Now get out there, grab your favorite autumn brew and charge up some mountains!!!






3 thoughts on “The Game-changer.

  1. Hi 🙂 I found your blog while I was browsing through some beer blogs, and your posting about Busan and mountain-beering Gajisan immediately caught my eyes. I am from South Korea now in live in Chicago, and enjoyed your posting about your adventure in Busan! I visited there this summer, it was truly lovely city with beautiful ocean. please keep up with interesting postings 😀

    1. oh and one more thing, it is true that we do not have “brew scene” in any meaning, and Hite sucks(I like Cass better, but it sorta sucks too). When you come to Korea next time, though, try other types of Korean alcohol, such as Mak-gul-li (rice alcohol) or Dongdongju(of a similar kind).!

      1. Thanks for the comment! I actually live in South Korea right now (have been here for almost a year) and plan to be here for another year+. This means we have many more Korean Mountainbeering adventures on the way. I love Makoli and Soju, actually…maybe I’ll bring a bottle of each on the next hike!

        Thanks again, always great to hear feedback!!


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