The Slightly Above Average Wall in the Land of Tibetan Twenty-somethings with British Accents!

What better way to spend a day in between sampling the finest goods and services of Shanghai and Beijing than to strap on your finest pair of pseudo-athletic (and definitely metro-sexual) shoes and hike the Great Wall of China?

Armed with high spirits, fierce hang overs, and a little beer we set out on our journey. The climb began as we passed a Chinese couple at the top of the first couple hundred stairs where they offered us water and good wishes. Pressing forward was easy at first but as the wall got steeper and steeper progress slowed.

dun dun dun

As we passed the first section of the Wall the craftsmanship deteriorated rapidly. What once was well defined steps and outposts had given way to piles of rocks. Although very different than the expectation one may have of the Great Wall from pictures and tourist hot spots, this experience was none the less enjoyable.

The most intact section by far...

Frequent stops for rest and water gave us time to take in the view. The hills were dotted with white and pink trees just blossoming for the spring.


Dan Mayo!

The highest reachable outpost yielded a phenomenal view of the surrounding mountains and the small town nestled in the valley below. To consummate our achievement we enjoyed lukewarm Harbin, the finest of China’s light beer options. Although the beer was average, the sights were remarkable and the company unforgettable.

Not so much this company...

but this company! The Snowman does China!!

Great times had by Bill, Dan, Patrick and Stephan!

This account was brought to you by Stephan, Mountainbeering since 2011!


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