The Revolution Begins

Throughout history, many people have endeavored to find an idea, an idea that would forever change the world. Many have succeeded. It’s hard to imagine the world without computers, water parks and peanut butter. And so, I thought it only appropriate to tell this Mountainbeering adventure in the following way:

The decision was made to set out and revolutionize hiking in South Korea. We brought all the necessities: camera, crocs, and beer, of course. But we were terribly disappointed when we had to return the trumpet.


Korea has varying standards of safety. But one area that they excel in is that of forest fire prevention. You can find fire hydrants in an emergency and quickly extinguish a fire of any size, provided that you brought your fire hose.

Smokey would be proud.

When hiking, it is sometimes necessary to stop and get a good work-out. Korea provides outdoor “ninja” gyms exactly for this purpose. On this particular day, however, we demonstrated that the gyms have many possible uses.

Prepared for battle.
A solid workout works up a solid thirst. We opted for a Hite and a Cass at the top of the hike. The lack of flavor in these Korean beers allows the Mountainbeer-ers to focus on the flavorful surroundings of a newly explored area!


Perhaps Koreans will revolutionize the way they hike. And if not, the sole free-thinkers will carry on alone, minding the barbed-wire fence of course.

Viva la Revolution!

Rachel, Mountainbeering since 2011.


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