Height and Hite

As I’ve mentioned, South Korea’s geography is 70% mountainous, which leads to an endless amount of Mountainbeering experiences. Unfortunately, South Korea is seriously lacking in the craft beer department (I’ve already admitted to myself that it will be over a year before I have a “good” beer) but that should never hinder a Mountainbeering adventure!

Recently I was heading to Daegu for a Neon vs. Pastel going away party (if you don’t assume Neon as an obvious winner, you need to take some time to do some self-reflection), and decided to head there a bit early to get in a solid Mountainbeering trip! I headed to Palgongsan, a mountain/park outside of the city.

On the way to the trailhead...badass.

No wonder Koreans are well-known for rock climbing.

The mountain is most famous for a trail that leads up to a giant Buddha statue (the largest in Korea), however I didn’t have enough daylight to make that 8 mile journey so I opted for another trail that did not disappoint!


The trail itself was pretty decent, it was covered in fallen leaves from last autumn, which combined with the temperature, gave the whole hike a real autumn feel!

There were a decent amount of people on the trail that day. I always love the looks I get when I cross Koreans on trails. They get “decked-out” to hike, fully equipped with the latest line of hiking garb, poles, serious boots, and a number of other accessories that serve no purpose on day-hike trails that have sections like this:

A lovely autumn road in March?

The weird looks generally stem from the fact that I’m usually wearing paint covered mesh shorts, a hoodie, and a pair of Crocs…hiking in Crocs is a pastime I discovered this summer in AK with a number of like-minded folks!

Crocs: the cool thing to do this past summer (and always)!

So I cruised up the trail, as I closed in on the summit I started to encounter patches of snow and ice, which made for a bit of a dicey, but fun, decent (lots of shoe-skiing). That aside, it was beautiful at the top.

It was so nice, in fact, that I decided to indulge in a pb-banana sandwich and (surprise surprise) a beer!


It was another successful Korean Mountainbeering adventure in the books. I can’t think of many better ways to kick off a night filled with neon covered foreigners running around downtown Daegu at 4am, in the rain. Hmmm…hiking all day in shorts and Crocs in 40 degree weather, then drinking all night and walking from bar to bar in neon pink shorts and a windbreaker in 20 degree weather…it’s a mystery how I keep catching colds?



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