Going for the Blue Ribbon in Grand Teton NP

Our good mountainbeering friend, Sarah, regales us with scandalous stories from her adventures in Grand Teton National Park:

While visiting my sister, Cate, in Driggs ID, we convinced five other girls to accompany us on an outing to the Huckleberry Hot Springs—Grand Teton National Park’s worst-kept secret. The day started out cold and clear, the Tetons rose high and majestic, and the temperature was zero degrees Fahrenheit. We drove for about an hour and a half in two cars before we reached the entrance station to the park—where they charge $25 per car. Outrageous! In an act of defiance, seven girls and associated skis and poles then proceeded to squish into one five-seater SUV. Through optimal body positioning and fetching smiles, we even convinced the park ranger that there were only five of us in the car.

After another half an hour, we unloaded people and skies and started our tour to the hot springs. We only knew vaguely where we were headed, but at some point we found a steaming, lukewarm creek.

The seven of us followed the mist upstream until we spotted an extra-steamy area—a pool of water diverted from the creek, surrounded by very frosty Christmas trees. After an appetizing hors d’oeuvre—chicken in a bucket with lettuce and chicken dressing—we slipped in to the hot springs to enjoy the real meal—good old Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The pool was only three feet deep with about two feet of mud below that. It kept us entertained with boiling hot spots and imaginary butt-crawly creatures. We enjoyed our beers, the hot water, and the surrounding landscape for a good long time before heading back to Idaho—stopping for $6 burgers and beer along the way. All in all, a great mountain-and-beer-filled adventure!

Way to keep it classy girls. Done in true mountainbeering fashion.


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