Lovely Day for a Guinness

Mountainbeering is a fairly simple concept.  If you have any trouble grasping the idea behind what we are trying to do, maybe you should take another look at our “About” page.  The following adventure almost seems too perfect of a coincidence to be on this blog, enjoy…

Around the world, nothing says “St. Patrick’s Day” quite like a Guinness.  Additionally, there are few other places in America that say “mountains” quite like Colorado.  Put the two together, and you’ve got yourself one fantastic day!

Last St. Paddy’s Day I was living in Vail, CO and had the pleasure to make it up to one of my favorite spots on the mountain to enjoy some Guinness before the mayhem, of a holiday geared entirely towards drinking, on a ski mountain in Colorado ensued.

I woke up early, as any true O’Malley would on St. Paddy’s Day and loaded some Guinness into my pack.  After grabbing my skis I hit the lifts and traversed over to a quiet spot on the mountain.  It was one of those great, Colorado, blue-sky days and I couldn’t think of anything better than having a can of the “dark stuff”, taking a few runs down the mountain, then repeating.

Later on that day I was joined by all the bums that like to get on the hill around the “crack of noon” for what proved to be an awesome day filled with great craic…drinks, good friends, unbeatable views, more drinks, and of course some skiing!  As much as I enjoyed the time spent with everyone, whenever I think back to that particular St. Paddy’s Day (one of the very few I can particularly remember) the first image that comes to mind is the time spent alone in the morning; just me, the mountain, and a beer.

Two beautiful sites!



2 thoughts on “Lovely Day for a Guinness

  1. Dear Experts,

    What is the proper method of transporting beer to the top of a mountain? Please share tips you have for keeping it cold and not shaken. Any product recommendations? Is it possible to bring bottles, or are cans recommended? Or do you pour it into a Nalgene before the hike?

    1. Great question! The best thing about Mountainbeering is that it is totally up to you! You can use whatever means necessary to enjoy your beverage during your adventure. I would recommend cans over bottles although a number of specialty beers aren’t offered in cans. One of the better breweries out there that cans their beer is Oskar Blues ( A bit of an inside tip…a good number of craft breweries are about to follow this trend and start offering some of their beers in cans…I just visited Boulder Beer Company ( in Boulder, CO and saw that they are beginning to stock up on cans for some of their brews! They must have been hearing the buzz of how popular Mountainbeering is becoming!!

      Whenever hiking to a destination where there will be snow, I suggest buying the beer warm and putting it in the snow when you get to your destination…Mother Nature makes one helluva cooler! Alternatively, you can pick up a cooler-lined backpack for the hike, such as this:

      As far as preventing the beers from getting shaken up, I’d say pack some extra layers with you and wrap the beers in the extra clothes to give it a bit of a cushion.

      Hope this helps! Try out some new techniques and let us know how it goes, we’d love to hear about your adventures!


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