Birth to Mountainbeering

New ideas aren’t necessarily something that people sit around mulling over until they finally hit the “Eureka!” moment.  Rather, they are things that we enjoy doing all the time.  We’d be crazy to say that we “invented” the concept of enjoying a good beer after an incredible outdoor experience.  We just want to share it with the world and have people share their experiences with us!

Our first “documented” Mountainbeering post occurred back in September of 2009.  Luke set off to hike Mt. Brewer, he’ll mention how appropriate the name is, in King’s Canyon National Park.  As a reward for the adventure he brought along a tasty treat by Green Flash Brewing.  His Hop Head Red Ale proved to be quite the reward after a great hike.  All-in-all what more could one ask for than exciting terrain, incredible views, good beer, and another fantastic story to share with anyone willing to sign up for the next chapter of a book with endless possibilities…

Such a happy little camper!

Check out the full story, and other great additions to the beer world, here: Mountainbeering with Luke.

This blog will be dedicated to stories such as this, while also keeping our community informed of fun events going on around the world…you know, events that us Mountainbeer-ers would find fun and exciting.  We encourage both good and bad recaps of your adventures and look forward to hosting our own events in the near future!



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